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Buying a home
If you are buying a home through one of our agents you will earn a rebate of a portion of the commissions that are paid to us by the seller. If the RBFCU Realty agent that represents the buyer in a transaction receives a commission of 3% of the purchase price, you will receive a rebate equal to 20% of the RBFCU Realty agent’s commission. The following is an example:

Sales Price: $300,000

Buyer’s Agent commission percentage: 3%

Commission received by RBFCU Realty: $9,000

Your rebate percentage: 20%

Your rebate = $1,800

Selling a home
If you are selling a home through one of our agents and you are a member of Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union (RBFCU), RBFCU Realty will charge a discounted commission of 5.4% to sell your home. If you are not a member of RBFCU, RBFCU Realty will charge a 6% commission to sell your home.

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The rebate or credit is calculated on the total commission earned by the RBFCU Realty agent. For example, if you purchase a home valued at $175,000 and the RBFCU Realty agent earns a 3% commission (i.e., $5,250), you receive a 20% rebate or credit of that 3% commission that equals $1,050.
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